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7 Foods For Men That Promise Healthy Hair


Hair can be a man’s worst nightmare if there’s something wrong with it. That’s the only other thing they agree to spend time on apart from eating. All men can also agree that maintaining it takes a lot more effort than one can imagine. Here’s how you can nourish your hair by doing the thing you love the most – eating! Yes. Add a little bit of these nutritious foods to your diet and you will never have to worry about bad hair days again. What better way to fight than eat!

1. Protein-rich foods


Protein is what our hair is primarily made of so you can imagine that our hair needs a lot of it! While meats like Steak contain protein, they are of the high-fatty content which poses a major risk to health. Fatty-meats don’t help prevent hair loss as they tend to increase the testosterone levels which in turn causes hair loss. So try proteins sources like Fish, Eggs and Low-fat cheese.


2. Almonds


Almonds can work like magic on your hair, be it almond oil or just almonds. Hair loss has been linked to deficiency of Magnesium which supposedly Almonds have a lot!  It is also rich in Vitamin E and D both of which are essential for Healthy hair growth. 


3. Dates and Raisins


Yeah, those things you didn’t eat when your mother asked you to have come back to haunt you. She was actually right, they are good for your health. Mothers are always right. Ahhh, Mothers! So back to dates and raisins, they contain iron which regulates the blood flow in your body. Good blood flow to the brain=Happy hair. Just eat those raisins already!


4. Citrus fruits


Oranges, Lemon, Avocados and Papayas are some common sources of Vitamin C that are essential to prevent hair loss. A study shows that Men need at least 90 mg of Vitamin C daily with an upper limit not exceeding 2,000 mg. Did you know that red peppers are richer sources of Vitamin C than Oranges! Wow. 


5. Seafood 


Zinc needs to be of a balanced amount in your body. Both deficiency and excessive-ness can cause hair loss in your body. Stick to foods like Shrimp, mussels and red meat. If you are vegetarian looking for zinc sources, then Pumpkin is your savoir.  


6. Carrots


Carrots accelerate scalp cell growth and keeps your scalp healthy which is very essential for your hair to be healthy. It is mainly because they are rich in Vitamin A that does the job. 


7. Water

Silhouette of a man drinking water after exercising with blue sky in the background.

And finally some water. Water keeps you hydrated and pretty much does everything to keep your hair strong. It prevents hair loss by flushing out the toxins from your body and helps growth by hydrating you. This is also the easiest way to healthy hair. A study also found that Men are likely to dehydrate faster than women owing to the changes in lifestyle. Drinking lots of water will help a lot when it comes to healthy hair or skin.