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Experience the Fiery Edit Special Extravaganza at Foo


Experience the Fiery Edit Special Extravaganza at Foo

Get ready for a Spicy feast like no other! Commence on a culinary journey as Foo unveils its exclusive Fiery Edit new menu.

The Fiery Menu Edition presents an exquisite selection of sushi rolls such as the Spicy Blue Rice Habanero Roll and Chipotle Prawn Maki, crafted with precision and passion. This limited-time menu also features an enticing variety of dim sum options including Jalapeño & Brie Cheese Dumpling, Snow Peas, Asparagus, Chilli Dumpling, Lamb Thai Chilli Dumpling, and Fiery Chicken Dumpling. Take a spicy voyage through the Asian landscape with the small plates menu which showcases dishes like Peri Peri Brussels Sprouts, King Chilli Wonton, Ghost Pepper Prawns, and Smoked Chicken Chilli Wonton. Conclude your culinary journey with Rice & Noodles such as Firecracker Fried Rice and Fierce & Fiery Ho Fan Noodles perfectly complemented with Fire & Ice, the Pineapple Chilli ice cream and Ice Spice, the Guava Chilli ice cream featured on the menu. Complemented by cocktail elixirs like Pickled Picante, The Hotshot, Flaming Sunset and Tropic it like it’s hot!, indulge in our specially curated menu featuring exquisite dishes and exclusive cocktails to tantalize your taste buds.

Here’s a sneak peek of the menu:


Spicy Blue Rice Habanero Roll| ₹595

Experience fiery fusion in our Spicy Blue Rice Habanero Roll: habanero cheese, spicy tofu, bell peppers, avocado, chili caviar, and spring onions, wrapped in vibrant blue rice, finished with zesty yukari. Unforgettable flavors await!

Spicy Blue Rice Habanero Roll

Chipotle Prawn Maki| ₹695

Savor the smoky heat of our Chipotle Prawn Maki, featuring succulent prawns, creamy avocado, tangy pickled Thai chili, and zesty mayo for a tantalizing burst of flavor in every bite.

Spicy Blue Rice Habanero Roll

Dim Sum:

Jalapeño & Brie Cheese Dumpling | ₹475

The exquisite Jalapeño & Brie Cheese Dumpling features the harmonious combination of zucchini, Chinese cabbage, French beans and Jalapeño chili. Complemented by a tantalizing superior chilli sauce, the vegetarian masterpiece offers a sensational culinary journey that promises to captivate and satisfy your taste buds.

Jalapeño & Brie Cheese Dumpling

Fiery Chicken Dumpling | ₹510

Experience the fiery fusion of scallions, coriander, and the bold flavors of habanero and chipotle sauce in our tantalizing Fiery Chicken Dumplings.

Fiery Chicken Dumpling

Small Plates:

King Chilli Wonton | ₹510

Savor the royal indulgence of King Chilli Wontons, filled with zucchini, green cabbage, Thai chili, pak choy, asparagus, and cheese for a flavorful culinary delight.

King Chilli Wonton

Ghost Pepper Prawns | ₹595

Delight in the fiery intensity of Ghost Pepper Prawns, tantalizingly paired with scallions, cherry tomatoes, and a spicy Bhut Jolokia sauce, crowned with toasted white sesame seeds for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Ghost Pepper Prawns

Rice & Noodles:

Firecracker Fried Rice | ₹455

Indulge in the explosive flavors of Firecracker Fried Rice, featuring edamame, broccoli, and a tantalizing chipotle sauce for a fiery culinary delight.

Firecracker Fried Rice

Fierce & Fiery Ho Fan Noodles | ₹455

Savor the bold and fiery flavors of Fierce & Fiery Ho Fan Noodles, brimming with bean sprouts, onion, pak choy, spring onion, and a tantalizing Bhoot Jholokia sauce for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Fierce & Fiery Ho Fan Noodles


Fire & Ice | ₹325

Treat yourself to the ultimate contrast of flavors with Fire & Ice: two scoops of Pineapple Chilli Ice Cream, where the cool sweetness of pineapple meets the fiery kick of chili, creating a tantalizing symphony for your taste buds.

Fire & Ice

Ice Spice | ₹325

Experience a thrilling fusion of flavors with Ice Spice: two scoops of Guava Chilli Ice Cream, where the tropical sweetness of guava intertwines with the fiery heat of chili, creating a refreshing and bold sensation that will delight your palate.

Ice Spice

Cocktail Menu:

Pickled Picante | ₹750

Meet our fiery concoction, “Pickled Picante,” part of Foo Restaurant’s sizzling Fiery Edit Campaign! Made with Tequila, Pickled Jalapeno, Agave Nectar, Lime Juice, Coriander Leaves, and a dash of Celery Salt, this drink is set to ignite your senses. Experience flavor like never before – join us at Foo and spice up your night!

Pickled Picante

The Hotshot | ₹750

Elevate your evening with “The Hotshot” – a refined delight from Foo! Featuring Whisky, fresh Lemon Juice, fine Sugar Syrup, and a hint of Aromatic Bitters, finished with a luxurious Peanut Butter Tuile. Join us at Foo to experience Fiery Edit!

The Hotshot

Flaming Sunset | ₹850

Step into the allure of the “Flaming Sunset” at Foos Fiery Edit! Crafted with Gin, Aperol, Prosecco, Thai Chilli Syrup, and Lemon Juice. Topped with Indi Chilli Cracker & Caviar for a fiery finish. Join us and savour the magic!

Flaming Sunset

Tropic it like it’s hot! | ₹895

Embark on a tropical adventure with “Tropic it Like it’s Hot” at Foos Fiery Edit! Crafted with Vodka, a hint of Yellow Habanero Chilli Syrup, and the refreshing kick of Mango Kombucha. Adorned with delightful Mango Fruit Leather for that extra touch of paradise. Join us and savour the fiery flavours!

Tropic it like it's hot!

Mark your calendars, as this limited-edition menu is available for dining and delivery across all Foo outlets from February 29th to March 31st, 2024.

What: Fiery Edit New Menu at Foo
When: 29th February 2024 – 31st March 2024
Price for two: INR 2000 onwards
Location: Foo Brigade Road, Ground Floor, Forum Rex Walk, Brigade Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Media Contact:

Annwesha Chowdhury || +91-9674953690 || [email protected]