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7 Veggie dishes that would like to meet your family this weekend


Before dismissing this list as just another veggie list, maybe you should meet some of our stars. They don’t not have meat or the things you’re normally used to, but they sure pack a punch. Some of them spell ‘healthy’ and some of them are so addictive your audience might just cry. We’ve got pizzas, medleys and curries that could change the way you look at vegetables entirely. 

If you’re vegetarian, you’re probably looking over one of these recipes without wasting time with introductions. So here we are. 

1. Stuffed Zucchini 

That's the stuff

2. Vegan Eggplant Curry 

Eggplant you curry me.

3. Vegetable Stir fry 

Serve with a stir

4. Roasted Cauliflower 

Merrily, merrily..!

5. Baked Vegetable Medley 

The Only Way Broccoli needs to exist.

6. Eggplant Pizza 

Egg it up, Pizza!

7. Breaded Cauliflower 

Yum for Cauliflower!