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8 health benefits of Garlic that will make you forget bad breath


Garlic is found in almost every household in India. Remember how grandma would get you to pop a tiny clove of garlic when you were ill as a kid? That’s right, garlic has medicinal properties and when used in sufficient quantities can be extremely beneficial to our health. The Chinese are known to consume a clove of garlic everyday because of its medicinal properties. It is because of its medicinal qualities that garlic extensively used in ayurveda and naturopathy for treating various ailments. Why, even science has proved that consumption of garlic is good for health. Even allopathy treatments use garlic as one the constituents in many medicines.

The potent sulphur compounds such as allicin and ajoene, alliin, etc help in strengthening the immune system that are found in garlic are the reasons why it is used in medicine. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties which is why it is also used in treating skin ailments such as acne, athlete’s foot etc. A bulb of garlic contains roughly 10-20 cloves generally. It is recommended that adults restrict their intake of garlic to 1 clove 2 to 3 times a day and children should consume no more than a quarter to half a clove up to 2 times a day.  Here are 8 benefits of consuming garlic every day.

1. Helps treat and prevent Common Colds and other viral and bacterial infections


As mentioned earlier the sulphur compounds in garlic help keep bacterial and viral infections at bay. A single clove of garlic with a pinch of salt will ease a sore throat and a runny nose when you’re down with the flu. Best taken before you sleep since it the bad breath lasts as long as you brush your teeth in the morning which is convenient and does not bother anybody.

2. Blood Pressure

 Blood pressure measuring studio shot

Studies have found that garlic supplements consumed at fairly high doses over a period of time has proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure problems. Sometimes natural medication is more effective than allopathy. Approximately four cloves of garlic is a high dose of garlic supplement, so be careful and consult a doctor before going ahead with this.

3. Improves immune system


Garlic contains a lot of nutritious vitamins and minerals that are important to build your immune system. A single clove of garlic twice a day should help keep those viral infections in check.

4. Improves Cholesterol


Garlic has been known to reduce total and LDL cholesterol particularly in those who suffer from high levels of these. Though garlic lowers the LDL cholesterol there is no evidence that it also reduces the HDL (the good cholesterol). A good remedy for those who wish to improve their cholesterol levels.

5. Detoxify heavy metals in the body


Garlic when consumed in large doses is known to break down the heavy metals in the body such as lead, and also reduce general toxicity in the body. Garlic cloves consumed thrice a day is a good way to detoxify your body.

6. Weight Control


Another good reason to eat garlic – weight control. Recent studies show that garlic helps control weight by regulating the fat cells in our body. Feel free to use garlic in food as well as a clove by itself.

7. Good for hair


If hair loss is problem, garlic can help combat it. Massaging garlic infused oil into the scalp is one way to boost hair growth. The other is to directly squeeze n rub slices of garlic on your scalp which can get messy and troublesome.

8. Helps with Hypothyroid


Of late Hypothyroidism is one of the common ailments most women are affected by. Hypothyroidism results in a slow metabolism and induces sluggish behaviour. Well, to those who know what that feels like garlic is your hero. The high levels of iodine in garlic help boost your thyroid.

Now, before you go run to get yourself a clove of garlic remember anything and everything in moderate quantities. Too much of one thing is always harmful so yes have a clove of garlic two or three times a day but not more.


Psst… Garlic is also a known aphrodisiac, if you get my drift! Unbelievable, but so true!