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9 Hacks to Guilt-free Eating


Are you constantly trying to eat right and stay fit? Are you finding it hard to chew on carrots? Are boiled vegetables not your cup of tea? Here are 9 simple ways to eat healthy and tasty!

1.Make dips with yoghurt instead of sour cream or cheese

Guilt free Eating

 Hang your curd (in a towel or handkerchief for 2 or 3 hours) to get thick curd which can be used for making dips.

2.Tortilla chips can be replaced with lettuce

Tortilla chips

 Whether it’s salsa or dips or wraps, replace your tortilla chips with ice berg lettuce to enjoy your Mexican delight!


3.Use ground nuts instead of bread crumbs

     Use ground nuts instead of bread crumbs

Bread is always a source of carbs. Use ground nuts instead- healthy and yummy.


4.Try using oatmeal to make your meatballs instead of bread crumbs


Oatmeal is as effective as bread crumbs in rolling your meatballs into drops of heaven.

5.Like sour cream? Try Greek yoghurt instead!

greek youghurt-2

Greek yogurt is so good at playing the role of sour cream, you don’t even know what you’re missing!

6.Frozen grapes instead of Candy

frozen grapes real

Have a sweet-tooth you can’t get rid of? Try freezing grapes and pop them in all day, just like candy!

7.Mayo can be replaced with Avocado


Try spreading avocado paste in all your favorite sandwiches.

8.Fruity Syrup instead of Maple syrup


Like your morning pancakes smothered in Maple syrup? This can be replaced with Fruit just as easily.

9.Indulge in dates instead of sugar

Date shake

Your morning shakes can be whipped up with dates- thus, removing the carbs and fat that sugar contains.