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9 Romantic Cocktails for a Perfect Valentine’s Night


It’s just around the corner. The day of love. Have you planned your perfect date yet? Are you staying in or headed out? 

Either way, here are 10 absolutely romantic cocktails that are guaranteed to sweep your partner off his/her feet. 

1. Dozen Red Roses Cocktail 

Forgot the flowers? No matter, make it up with this romantic vodka cocktail

 Romantic and Delicious

2. Seduction Cocktail 

A dark, mysterious and seductive cocktail guaranteed to blow your partners mind

 So Smooth

3. Maui Mama Mixed Drink

Couldn’t make it to the beach this valentines day? Try this drink instead to relax with your loved one

 maui mama

4. Pink Sunrise Cocktail 

A romantic combination of fizz and class

 Sunshine-y cocktail

5. Lovers Punch 

Surprise your beloved with this romantic cocktail that is large enough for two.

Romantic Punch

6. Chandon Rose Granite 

A champagne cocktail that will tickle your love buds

Celebrate Your Love With Champagne Slushie

7. Chocolate Old-Fashioned

Are you a sweet-lover? Want to add a bit of a romantic twist to the good ol’ old fashioned. Try this out

Chocolat-y twist

8. Cherry Kiss Cocktail

A delicious recipe for a gin-based drink

Gin-based cocktail

9. Red Rum & Cola 

This valentines day, go simple and sweet with this rum and cola cocktail

rum and coke