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Here’s Why George Calombaris’s Kids Carry A Tiffin Even For Parties


For everyone who has been an ardent follower of MasterChef Australia (probably the best MasterChef ever – no offence to its counterparts across the globe), George Calombaris is a name that can be synonymized with epic food. So when the chef speaks his mind and shares his sensibilities on food, we listen.

In a recent interview with The Indian Express, the Australian prodigy, who was visiting India for the CEO Series 2017, revealed some of his cooking gems and his love for India and its lavish cuisine. Speaking of which, the chef discovered his love for desi sweets in the Capital. “I was at a stall, eating jalebi. Oh my god, it was so delicious… I think I got diabetes. There are so many desserts in India that are just amazing,” he exclaimed.


A Few of His Favourite Things

Shedding light on his love for Indian food, Calombaris added “India is a beautiful country, and there’s so much care deep inside… that’s why I think there’s a lot of similarity between the cultures,” he said adding, “‘Eat more,’ that’s what people say to each other, and it’s the same thing back at home: ‘Just one more, you didn’t have anything today!’ I think the taste in India has also evolved over 10 years that I’ve been here. The modern kitchen is not Frankenstein. Ten years ago, I used to think that these dishes don’t make sense, but now, the chef served me something here, and I simply loved it. It all goes down to respecting the past, but forging forward in the future. That’s important. There’s no point in making a modern salad, if it doesn’t taste better than the old one.”

The 38-year-old also revealed that of the many things that he loves about Indian food, dosa (with coconut chutney), and mace are two of his favourites (and jalebi, of course). Speaking of favourites, the chef also added that avgolemono soup (a traditional Greek egg and lemon soup), mashed potatoes, and pickles too make it to that list.

Image: YAMU


“Food Should Make You Happy, Warm, & Fuzzy”

He may be scouting the world, exploring new food – good and bad – but when it comes to feeding his kids, the MasterChef judge doesn’t settle for anything but the healthiest. In fact, his young ‘uns carry a healthy tiffin with them to keep from eating “bad fast food”.

“My kids don’t eat bad fast food. Because for me, it’s my religion. Imagine if you saw George with his kids at a bad fast food restaurant, what would you write, what would be the headline? ‘George feeding his kids bad fast food,’ right?” Calombaris laughs.

Well, when he puts it like that, it does kind of make sense…. or does it?


That said, the Masterchef adds that there is one common thread that brings together all the food on this planet – the taste. “To me, what’s important is the experience of food. How it makes you feel happy, warm and fuzzy, and at the end of the day, leaves you with a lasting memory,” he added.


Feature Image: SBS

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