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Namo signs a deal with Japan; We look at 5 of our favourite Japanese Dishes



Straight off the street, Sushi is the first thing that comes to mind when we think ‘Japan‘. Sticky rice and raw fish rolled along with a variety of spices or something as simple as Vinegar, Sushi is for the adventurous. 

image japanese food-1


Deep fried in sesame oil; Tempura is a mild, batter fried prawn, meat or vegetable served along with raddish or light soy flavored broth. Absolutely addictive. 

image japanese food-2


 Soba is a buckwheat noodle in soy flavored broth. The broth normally serves as a full meal- along with vegetables and meat. And if you’re not Japanese, don’t try the chopstick trick. 

image japanese food-3


Charcoal grilled meat on sticks in a sauce that is to die for. It’s amazing how the Japanese get away with this simple grill that will have you raving. A side of beer with Yakitori and our Japanese weekends are made.

image japanese food-4


How could we leave out the Ramen? Soupy, egg Ramen noodles in a salty broth makes the perfect late night side kick. 

image japanese food-5