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The Wonderwork that is, Samskriti


We get invited to the best parties 

18 long years, a 100 employees, countless happy customers and three businesses under one smashing roof. Sam’s got it right, alright. Meet Gunit Singla, of Samskriti a catering moghul.

“We invited a couple of friends over for dinner back when I was with HTA. After the dinner, they said, ‘If you don’t pack your bags and leave your job to get into the food business, we will take pleasure in doing so!’. My magic wand was that I married a chef, I was packaging his skills initially. We always believed that ‘Roti, Kapda, Makkaan will always be in style’ and that’s what drove us to the food business.”

“In 1998, we started a catering business, Uncle Sam’s Kitchen, to bring international flavours with a warm friendly touch to our audience. The first three to four years themselves saw a splendid success. We served in a style that only a hostess would think of. Not to mention, we were absolutely friendly to pockets. We served hot food, stuck to our principles and strode into parties in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Hyderabad and Bangalore.” 

“We slowly realised, that large traditional events were hesitant to go with us because of our ‘non-veg tag’. We sat down together and launched ‘Samskriti- sheer vegetarian food’. 

“We love what we do and more the way we do it. We branched out into showing other business what this was about. We helped several restaurants with our consultancy services and many of them are thankful to us even today for their F&B departments. 

“We’re also in the wedding planning business- being a one-stop shop was always what we were about. People come to us saying, ‘Hey, we’re leaving this event to you. Call us.’ And that’s it, we take the reins. 

“Our employees are the best. In an industry where the attrition rate is so high, most of our employees have stuck around with us from the very beginning. Some of them go abroad, study a little more and come straight back to us, and we’re so happy to see them!” 

“Our pride and joy are our cooks, staff and clients. We’d like to say we’re ‘party designers’. We’ve stuck to our basics and deliver well. Right now, Uncle Sam’s Kitchen, Samskriti and Corporate Kitchen are our main businesses. We also undertake many F&B consultations. 

“To the woman of today, I’d like to say, ‘Women are amazing. We have a whole source of energy and strength. Many people have come up to me and asked me how I manage in a ‘Man’s industry’. I tell them, vibes, personal strength and the ability to conduct yourself right- that’s all it takes. Remember, you don’t need tears and excuses to make up for anything. We definitely do things better. We’re a force to reckon with.”

Call Samskriti at 98400 89917 for your next party and you won’t be disappointed.