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Avocados Are Now Turning People To Crime


We are all aware of just how popular the avocado is. From avolattes (why god why?) to avocado chocolate to avocado art, avocados are taking the world by a storm. However, from experience (aka watching Narcos) we all know that once something gains popularity, it’s only a matter of time before criminal activity occurs.

Turns out that the insane demand for avocados has led three men to turn to a life of crime. Foodbeast reported that California-based company, Mission Produce, a leading global distributor of avocados, discovered that three employees had been illegally stealing boxes of their precious fruit from their Oxnard distribution center, and selling them back door.

They discovered the three men’s shenanigans after going through CCTV footage and going through their inventory. I mean, it shouldn’t have taken that long to find as it turns out, they made off with a whopping $300,000 worth of avocados.

This move was possibly due to the fact that the price of an avocado in the States has risen by nearly 50 cents in the last couple of months. No doubt due to all the avocado toast demanded by hipsters around America. Perhaps, when the demand for a product increases so does the crime factor?



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