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This Sticker Will Tell You Whether Your Avocado Is Ripe Or Not


Avocado is one of the world’s favourite super foods, much loved for its high healthy fat content. If you’re into healthy eating, you’ve probably bought yourself an avocado a couple of times. You’re probably also, then, familiar with the difficulty of figuring out whether an avocado is ripe.
If you cut an avocado when its underipe, you’ll be presented with rubbery, hard flesh which tastes – well, not so great. If it’s overripe, the pulp turns mushy and grey. How, then do you determine when your avocado is at the perfect ripeness?

Stickers To The Rescue

A fresh produce market in New Zealand has come up with an oh-so-simple answer; a sticker. The sticker with a color palate is placed on the avocado with corresponding levels of ripeness; a light green is ‘not ripe’, an olive green is ‘firm ripe’ and a dark, almost black green is ‘soft ripe’.

A R3ddit user noticed the stickers when shopping and posted a photo on Reddit.

Reddit Chimes In

As always, other Reddit users had a lot to say. While some lauded the creation as pure genius, other pointed out that colour doesn’t really tell you much about ripeness; it’s more about whether the fruit is soft or firm.

“Since my hometown is literally the avocado capital of the world, I feel I have some authority here,” said one Redditor. “When holding an avocado, press slightly with your thumb. If you feel a bit of give then it’s ready to eat. Too much give and it will taste rotten. Obviously if it’s hard then it’s not ready but there is a very fine line between ripe and rotten. Color is not a very accurate way to gauge ripeness.”” said one.
Another commented that the color method could work for some types of avocados like Hass avocados but that others need to be judged by softness. Another user suggests this method:

What about you; would the sticker work with the avocados you love? Or do you have another method to judge avocado ripeness?