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Bacon Camp Exists And It’s As Amazing As We’ve Always Imagined!


Vegans, you can look away now. Carnivores, a five-day bacon camp exists and you could potentially go for it! Apparently, it happens every year at Ann Arbor, Michigan (like why am I only hearing about this now?) and it sounds like a bacon lover’s paradise.

There are a surprising amount of bacon-related activities that you can pack into a five-day bacon camp (the more the merrier, am I right?). You can expect pretty much everything from bacon baking classes to a pig roast to bacon-based meals and talks with food journalists and chefs. Sounds like the dream doesn’t it?

Zingerman’s, a collective of Ann Arbor food companies, will run Camp Bacon from May 31-June 4 this year (so get scrounging). It’s not actually a sleepaway camp; participants instead purchase tickets to individual events which are held in venues around Ann Arbor.

Some of the exciting activities that aren’t exactly easy to find outside of bacon camp are a bacon open mic night where attendees can perform songs about their love of meat, a bacon baking class featuring bacon doughnuts, scones and cookies, and a food film festival complete with bacon-flecked popcorn for snacking (brb, trying to sell my kidney for tickets).

The best part is that bacon camp is also a part of a fundraiser for a 4-H club and the Southern Foodways Alliance, which studies and documents Southern food culture. Bacon and social science? Yas, sign me up!

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