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Food Jewellery Round 2: You certainly will want to eat these


We know we’ve been down this road before. But we’ve got another foodie living the Food-ista dream here. Norihito Hatanaka has come out with a line of earrings, rings and chains that are absolutely drool-friendly. You might just find yourself picking up a fork. Just remember, plastic, not too tasty. No matter how amazing it looks. 

1. Spaghetti on your head


2. Egg Noodle Choke


3. Burger me up


4. Bacon and head for one


5. Doughnuts with a Jewellery Glaze


6. The (Y)ear of Spaghetti


7. Eggs to Ring


8. The French know how to toast


9. Gonna eat my Bacon wristband


10. Curry in a Hurry