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Conçu’s Innovative Brews Redefine Coffee Culture: A Flavourful Journey for International Coffee Day


In celebration of International Coffee Day, we invite you to embark on a flavourful journey with Conçu, where every sip tells a unique story. Conçu, the renowned cafe and patisserie from Hyderabad offers a range of specialty coffees on their menu. Their best-selling concoctions are the perfect testament to their commitment to delivering unparalleled coffee experiences.


1. Espresso Tonic: – The Sparkling Pick-Me-Up
Bored of your regular order of Iced Americano? Try Conçu’s Espresso Tonic for a refreshing twist. A delightful combination of fizzy tonic water and bold espresso, garnished with a slice of sweet lime, this coffee is the perfect drink pick-me-up for a warm, sunny day.

Espresso Tonic

2. Mazagran – Berry Brew: – A Symphony of Flavors
Conçu’s berrylicious twist on Algeria’s popular iced coffee – Mazagran. This enchanting blend features a raspberry-flavored lemonade, harmoniously topped off with a shot of espresso. It’s a melody that tastes like no other.

Mazagran - Berry Brew

3. Sundown: – A Sunset in a Glass
Sundown, a creation that captures the essence of twilight, blends raw orange juice and carbonated water, crowned with a shot of espresso. The result is a zesty drink garnished with a sprig of rosemary, reminiscent of a tranquil evening.


4. Iced Spanish Latte:
This exotic creation combines espresso, milk, condensed milk, and a dash of cinnamon over ice.

Iced Spanish Latte

This International Coffee Day, Conçu invites coffee enthusiasts to elevate their coffee experience and explore these extraordinary brews that push the boundaries of traditional coffee culture. With Conçu it’s about embarking on an experience.