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Bartenders Reveal Customer Demands That Irk Them The Most  


Bartenders have power. If drinks are your recipe to having a good night out then they’re the chefs. Or the cookbook writers. Either way; they’re important. So you’d better try to remain on their good sides. Bartender Confidential gathered together some of America’s best bartenders to find out what irks bartenders the most. Are you guilty of any of these bar sins?

1) Snapping Your Fingers To Call Them


It’s just plain disrespectful. They’re humans, not dogs, guys! After all, wouldn’t you be insulted if your boss summoned you to his office by snapping his fingers?

2) Demanding A Cocktail That’s ‘Not Too Sweet’


Good bartenders take great pride in balancing their cocktails. So, they’re going to add just the right amount of sugar. If you’re at a good bar, just let them do their thing.

3) Asking ‘What’s Popular’


Everyone’s tastes are unique, right? So what’s great for one person will taste like poison to another. For instance, I personally hate the popular Old Fashioned cocktail, but have friends that guzzle it like water. Instead of asking for a popular drink, take some time, read through the descriptions and go for what sounds good to you.

4) Not Knowing What To Order


In a busy bar, it’s tempting to summon a bartender as soon as you step in. But, do you actually know what you want? Bartenders have other customers, so don’t make them stand around for five minutes while you debate about whether you’d prefer a Margarita or a Cosmopolitan.

Is that somewhat clear? No? Then check out the video below; it helped us out.