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Burger King Succinctly Uses “Chick Fries” To Make A Point About The Pink Tax


ICYMI, the wage gap, and the pink tax is a real thing (please stop saying we don’t need feminism). Now, Burger King has stepped in with an eye-opening (hopefully) social experiment in which they demonstrate the idiocy of the pink tax (ya know, where women have to pay more for literally the exact same product).

In order to make a point about how ludicrous the pink tax is, women have to pay up to 42% more for some products, Burger King created “Chick Fries” which they sold only to the ladies. Whenever a woman went up to the counter to buy Chicken Fries, they were given the chicken strips in a special pink box (of course). The price of the Chicken Fries also went up from $1.69 to $3.09.

Obviously, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when women were upset about having to pay almost twice as much as the men did for the same fries (pink box or no). You can watch the video above to check out the women’s angry reactions.

By putting out “Chick Fries” Burger King succinctly demonstrated how regressive and discriminatory the pink tax is for women (especially when the wage gap is a real thing don’t @ us)! The reason the fast food chain is bringing this up now is because there’s a bill called the Pink Tax Reform Act in Congress that would prohibit changes in pricing for “substantially similar products” based on gender.

Burger King is supporting the bill and urging customers to call their Congressional representative to support the bill as well. Whether you like Burger King or not, we hope their social experiment opens people’s eyes to how sexist and debilitating the pink tax is on women’s lives and moves customers to back equality!

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