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Cafe Coffee Day Has Just Launched Some Over The Top Sundaes To Help You Deal With Summer


The summer heat is bearing down upon us all and to help us deal, Cafe Coffee Day has just launched a new dessert section; Over The Top Sundaes. These sundaes are super-loaded and rich, made with a medley of flavours and ingredients.

What’s On The Menu?

On the Over The Top Sundaes menu are four sundaes; the Toffee Surprise, Cocoa Mocha, Rasgulla Royale and Cocoa Fudge.

The Toffee Surprise is made with rich vanilla ice cream, honey oat cookies, butterscotch nuts, toffee sauce, caramel popcorn and whipped cream. The Cocoa Mocha is similarly rich with a crunchy cookies base, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a choco-stick.

Meanwhile, the Cocoa Fudge boasts rich coca fudge, vanilla ice cream, a layer of coca and a dash f mango sauce with a choco-stick. The Rasgulla Royale is a nod towards Indian flavours with vanilla ice cream, rasmlai syrup, frothy whipped cream and almond flakes.

Commenting on the new sundaes, Venu Madhav, CEO, Café Coffee Day said, “All through the summer to the special rainy months ahead, the sundae appeal at CCD reaches a new high with the well-crafted, all new ‘Over The Top Sundaes’’. Loaded with extra scoops, the four sundaes – Rasgulla Royale, Cocoa Mocha, Toffee Surprise and Cocoa Fudge have that little extra one can look forward to at their favourite CCD. Dessert specialists from Italy and India brought their ‘best in dessert love and expertise’ forward to create these offerings. After all, there’s always something new brewing at Café Coffee Day.”