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Celebrity Chef Anahita Dhondy Is All About Zero Waste In The Kitchen


Anahita Dhondy, chef-partner at SodaBottleOpenerWala, CyberHub Delhi, strongly believes that the focus nowadays should be on reducing wastage in the kitchen. The key pillars should be zero-waste policy, sustainability and popularizing Indian ingredients.

She began her journey as a chef-manager at SodaBottleOpenerWala where she was in-charge of the kitchen but gradually she got involved in every little detail from PR to marketing to ideating. Now a chef-partner, her involvement has increased drastically.

She has also spoken strongly about the fact that the culinary industry has been dominated by men and it’s high time we break the pattern and create an influx of women joining the industry. “You have to come mentally prepared that when you enter the kitchen, you’re a chef. You’re not a girl or a boy. You’re going to cut, chop, peel, boil, cook, it will be hot and you will be standing — if you don’t have that mental strength, you will not be able to work. I think change is happening and more women are coming in but we need more. The irony is that at home, it’s mostly women cooking,” she explained to The Telegraph in an interview.

She is now looking to work with people who focus on sustainability and zero-waste. She is part of The Chef’s Manifesto (a worldwide movement under the SDG2 Advocacy Hub) where 16 chefs from 13 countries launched their action plan at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum (in June) for a better food system for all. “I need to make sure that more people realise that we should try and use the whole vegetable and leftovers and not use plastic.”