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#CoffeeInACone Takes Instagram By Storm


Yup, it’s a gorgeous new Instagram trend.

Johannesburg-born Dayne Levinrad returned to his home city after four years working as a coffee consultant in Brazil, Australia and Los Angeles, he wanted to do something different. And created a trend in January of this year while working at The Grind Coffee Company.

“Johannesburg had a competitive coffee sector, but it wasn’t third wave, specific-sector coffee yet,” he told CNN. “From my research in Australia, I knew that’s the way the market was heading.” And people love coffee, ice cream and chocolate and Levinrad decided to serve all three at once. 

“We bought our own machine and started rolling our own wafer cones, using different flours, but the chocolate still melted. We couldn’t have any leakage,” he said when talking about how he came up with the final product which has four different types of chocolate compounds to coat the cone, each hardened by varying percentages of cacao content.

If you’re a coffee addict, then this is the coolest thing for you. If only you could fly to South Africa right about now.