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Is The Current Beef Ban In India Fair? #POLL


Before we spark off this debate of “yes, absolutely” and “no, we could do without a ban”, allow us to give you a quick insight into what the seething ‘beef ban’ situation in India is about.

The Central Government, after a long and tiring back & forth on the matter, has announced a nation wide ban on the consumption of beef as well as an embargo on cattle slaughter. In fact a new livestock regulation law has been put in place to oversee the trade and slaughter of cows.

Now, here’s our point of discussion: is it okay for the Centre to make such a major decision on behalf of millions (for the government has the best interest of the country at heart) or should people have the right to choose what they want for dinner (because that’s the whole point of a democracy)?


For The Ban

A lot of people may (and have already) put forth the argument that cow is considered a holy animal in India and therefore slaughtering it is downright barbaric, absurd, and disrespectful towards Hindus. Also have we all forgotten that eating beef has always been hush-hush in India so why the sudden uproar on its ban?

Also, animal rights. Religion or not, isn’t it just wrong to slaughter animals for mere consumption? Who gave us the right to rare and breed livestock and then marinate them and have a feast? Simply because we are a superior race? And what right to choice are you going on about when you don’t give the same right to these animals that you kill for your gastronomical pleasure?

And let’s just trace our timeline back to the ancient (read, mythical) times when the right and most acceptable way of existence was by consuming a Sattvik diet that consisted of only fruits and vegetables. So if our ancestors put their stamp of approval on it, who are we to question it? Therefore, we must follow Maharashtra’s example and ban all beef!


Against The Ban

For starters, might we – at the risk os sounding “anti-national” – suggest looking up the word ‘secular’ (which, by the way, is a characteristic of this great country that we live in) in the dictionary? Moreover, no offence, but where are your religious and animal righteous concerns when stray cows roam around on roads getting mowed over by trucks, dying of ingesting too much garbage, and sometimes just dying of starvation and/or dehydration?

Also, it’s not just about what the country eats/serves/cooks, the repercussions of this ban go way beyond that. Following the popular upsurge in Kerala (a state that openly devours beef), the Chief Minister of the state, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, has been correct in saying that the “New livestock regulation law will rob lakhs of jobs, cripple leather industry. Primarily an attack on our poor, dalits & farmers.”

Speaking against the ban, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee too slammed the Centre’s decision and said: “Government may come, the government may go. Democracy should continue. Secularism should stay. I request the government to not implement a law like this,” the Trinamool Congress leader questioned, adding “This is the month of Ramazan. Why was this law decided at this time?”

Basically, the country has been split into two conflicting sides, one that is harping on about religion while the other would do anything but give up their right to choose (or beef). Which side are you on? Vote below and let us know!

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