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Danone Buys WhiteWave To Tap Into Healthy Food Market


One of my favourite Danone products is their chocolate milkshake. Wait, what am I saying, I love their flavoured yoghurt too (nearly went broke when they first came out). However, in order to respond to consumers demand for healthier food (what consumers??) they have bought WhiteWave, an organic food producer.

Now, I’m not pointing any fingers (I am) but I blame this on the millennials (I like to think of myself as an old soul). According to ET Retail as more consumers, notably the “Millennial” generation, opt for healthier diets and a more socially responsible way of life, Danone, along with rivals such as Nestle, have been seeking to adapt.

Danone is seeking to build on the WhiteWave deal with a campaign to promote itself as a leader in terms of healthy eating habits. It will unveil a new company “signature” dubbed “One Planet. One Health” on Thursday at the Consumer Goods Forum in Berlin.

Their strategy seems to have worked as Danone’s shares increased over speculation about this deal. In fact, they themselves could be acquired by Kraft Heinz, with Coca-Cola and PepsiCo also appearing as viable bidders. Whatever ever happens though, may their yoghurt live long and prosper!

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