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This Deliciously Easy Breakfast Is Just What You Need This Weekend


Bread and egg is a staple breakfast treat. It is easy and it’s quick and it’s not as messy as cutting up a whole lot of ingredients. All you really need is bread and egg. But to make things a little more interesting, we’ve decided to add a twist to the bread & egg breakfast that everyone is used to. It’s called Egg In A Hole and the elaborate recipe is located below.

It’s so simple that once you’ve made it the first time, you’ll never be able to make any other kind of bread & egg treat for yourself. It requires absolutely no effort and it’s so easy, you’ll be cooking up a brunch storm in no time. Seriously, if your friends don’t approve of the Egg In A Hole, you need new friends. No, we’re kidding. Sort of.

Vinithra Menon – from our awesome hacks last week – has joined us again to whip up this beautiful recipe. So check out the recipe here and watch the video below to get a better idea of what to do to get this awesome breakfast made!