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Don’t Freak Out But An Oreo Ice Cream Roll Exists


Let’s be honest, Oreo-flavored anything is a great idea. From chocolate to shakes, to ice cream, it really is a winner. Since it’s summer, Oreo has created what our hearts have truly desired – an Oreo ice cream roll! And honestly, summer could not get any better!

This 10-inch baby is supposed to serve 8 people, but we all know that serving suggestions are rubbish, ice cream doesn’t really fill you up anyway.

– I’m still looking for you. ? #oreoicecreamroll

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It’s. So. Beautiful.

Unfortunately, it ain’t available everywhere. Use this store locator to find out if you can score an Oreo ice cream roll near you. If the odds aren’t in your favor then try the DIY option and experiment with our Oreo ice cream cake recipe, you can’t go wrong with ice cream!

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