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Should You Be Eating Prawns During The Monsoon?


I absolutely adore prawns. They literally always taste good! In a curry, tempura, or even bacon wrapped these little seafood delicacies are always a safe bet! I know I enjoy them tenfold as I wasn’t allowed to eat them as a child, and it’s a habit I’m definitely not giving up.

However, during the monsoon, when illness is rife and immune systems are at an all-time low, should we really be eating prawns? An article on Smart Cooky doesn’t seem to think so. According to the author, monsoon is the time that prawns and fish breed. Hence, in order not to disrupt the ecosystem we should refrain from eating this delicacy during this season.

Also worrying is the fact that there are many water-borne sicknesses that come to the fore during this season and we should be doing all we can to boost our immune systems during this time. The digestive system slows down during the monsoon so we should be eating foods that have healthy fats such as avocados and nuts.

Dr. Anju Sood, a renowned Bengaluru-based nutritionist says, “Resting on scientific studies, monsoon is the breeding season for seafood and thus it’s best to avoid eating them.” However, as long as there are proper hygiene standards in place and you’re ensuring that you’re maintaining a healthy, balanced diet otherwise (and aren’t allergic to prawns) then you can consume them at will. After all, it’s your body you’re talking about.


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