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The Flying Squirrel takes a leap into the gourmet coffee market


The gourmet coffee market is fairly new in India and The Flying Squirrel is the new player in the game. What sets them apart from the pack is that they grow their own coffee and have been doing it for generations. Founded by Ashish Dabreo in 2011, Flying Squirrel isn’t looking to cater to those who just drink coffee for their morning wake-up-call or those who require a ‘caffeine fix’ but those who are ‘serious coffee drinkers’.

Their coffee grows on plantations in Coorg in fields planted with vanilla, banana, spice and cardamom patches that nourish the coffee with their aroma. Tej who is Ashish’s  college friend is now a farmer and takes care of the coffee from its growth till its drying in Coorg before the beans are sent for roasting and packaging in Bangalore. “Tej works on the farm and is one of the most passionate growers one would have the privilege of talking to. He has an in-depth knowledge of coffee cultivation and a very contemporary approach to technology. This and our innovative methods to get exciting bean profiles, makes us unique.”, says Ashish.

What is the secret behind Flying Squirrel’s earth-shattering coffee? Well their love affair with coffee of course. In their words, “it’s only our mountain-moving, ocean-crossing love affair with coffee that keeps us going, come rain or shine. Literally.”.

They have six kinds of coffee, Parama, Sattava, Sunkissed, Aromatique, Café Chic and Deep Bliss, each of them offering something different for the palate of a coffee aficionado. Order these blissful coffees at