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Froot Loops Is Introducing A New Flavor & A New Shape


It’s pretty straightforward, Froot Loops are commonly thought to be the same flavor and the same shape. However, Froot Loops is seriously mixing things up with a new wild berry flavour, that is also going to be a different shape (mind blown).

The wild berry flavor will be in the shape of a star and will be mixed into the other colors, so there ain’t just going to be loops in your cereal.

“Our colorful loops are both beloved and iconic, and now fans will have a new way to do ‘Whatever Froots their Loops’ throughout the day,” Teresa Lindsey Houston, Senior Marketing Director for Kellogg’s Morning Foods, said in a statement. “New Kellogg’s Wild Berry Froot Loops delivers a wild new fruity taste experience that bursts from the box, no matter when or where it’s opened.”

The new Kellogg’s Wild Berry Froot Loops will be available in stores across America later this summer at $4.69 per box, so that means we can expect to receive imports of the cereal at double the price by the end of the year!

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