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FSSAI To Regulate Department Canteens With Licenses


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has notified over 1,350 canteens in central government departments to obtain food safety licenses, according to PTI. The Personnel Ministry has recommended all departmental canteens to adhere to the strict framework that is already established for manufacturing, storage, distribution and sale of food. The move ensures that canteens follow strict procedures to monitor and regulate safety and hygiene during food services. 

Canteen Licenses

“All departmental canteens, tiffin rooms, etc, housed in various offices of central government, are accordingly required to obtain licences to be able to continue to manufacture and sell food,” said a statement released by FSSAI. As per the Food Safety and Standards Act, no canteens should be functional without procuring the necessary license. There are 1,352 registered canteens and tiffin rooms associated with several offices of the central government across India.

Stricter Safety and Hygiene Standards 

FSSAI has increasingly put pressure on food establishments to maintain proper standards and hygiene for food service. Recently, food licences of nearly 181 establishments in Thane were revoked due to failure in adhering to the FDA guidelines. The food samples collected from these establishment were said to be of sub-standard quality. The FSSAI, in association with National Restaurant Association of India and Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India, has also established a group to govern the safety and hygiene standards of all the restaurants in the country.