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Gordon Ramsay Had The Most Epic Reaction To A Chocolate and Bacon Pizza


Pizza has certainly polarised people of late and this chocolate and bacon pizza was no different! Although Gordon was willing to put his personal feelings about pineapple pizza aside for charity we clearly know what side of the fence he’s on. I’ve let my opinion on chocolate pizza be known, and it’s pretty clear that Gordon Ramsay feels the same way (a match made in heaven, I’m telling you)!

We know that Gordon Ramsay is always working toward making food a better place (yes, I’m addicted to watching re-runs of Kitchen Nightmares) and his show Hotel Hell is no different! Gordon recently uploaded a clip from the first season of Hotel Hell where he tastes a bacon, chocolate and strawberry pizza (just gagged a little).

After watching that clip it’s no surprise that the hotel, the Merk, is currently shut down. As disgusting as that pizza was, it still has my envy. It was in contact with Gordon Ramsay. Thus emphasising that even gross chocolate pizza has a better love life with Ramsay than I do.


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