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Guess who is funding ISIS now? The owner of a NY food store


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n story books, the least likely suspect is usually the villain.

And nothing screams ‘normal’ like working in a pizza joint.

Hidden behind layers of cheese

‘Mojoe’s Famous Pizza and Chicken’ was a restaurant in Rochester, New York. The owner, 30 year old Mufid Elfgeeh, was seen as a diligent business man who strived night and day to earn his living.

But this act of playing a sincere, hardworking American citizen was put to an end when he was accused of allegedly plotting to kill the members of the U.S military. If there was a person draped in military colours, then they automatically became his target.

He was also guilty of possession of guns and silencers that were bought with the motive of shooting U.S soldiers who had returned from Iraq.

Small time owner, big time plans

The danger doesn’t end with targeting the U.S, Mufid was an active supporter and promoter of ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The main crime he was indicted for was recruiting individuals who were willing to engage in jihad and fight the battle for ISIS overseas. He gave one-third of his salary to support the ISIS.

“By talking to him, you wouldn’t know he was connected with ISIS, he seemed just like an average person, a businessman,” Odum, Manager in North Clinton

According to the papers, he was planning to target 15-20 soldiers and publish a video claiming credit for the entire episode.

The materialistic support he gave to aid the ISIS can easily give him 15-20 years of jail time.

And all this trouble from just a simple NY food store owner!