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Here Are Our Favourite Green Teas Available On The Indian Market For A Healthier You!


Green tea is all the rage right now, with good reason; research has shown it contains antioxidants and a variety of  amino acids, lipids and polyphenols, all of which can contribute to better overall health and possibly prevent cardiovascular disease, inflammation and mortality risk.

That said, some people have the same reactions to green tea as they do after their first taste of beer; why would anyone drink this bitter tasting, horrible liquid?! Well, like you develop a taste for beer, you do develop a taste for green tea. In fact, we’ve developed such a large preference for it that we’ve now tried almost every variety available on the Indian market. Here are some of our favourites:

Twinings Green Tea & Lemon


Out of all the green tea blends that Twinings, a tea stalwart, creates, we love the lemon green tea best. First thing in the morning, the zesty flavour of lemon goes a long way in waking you up. The sourness of the lemon also takes away from the slight bitterness that green tea sometimes has.

Twinnings Green Tea & Apple


This is another great combination from Twinings; the apple flavour is refreshing, yet not overpowering. P.s; did you know that Twinings teas taste great in cocktails?

Lipton Mixed Berry Green Tea


A combination of cherry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry flavours give this tea a subtle fruity taste; wholly pleasant with no aftertaste.

Tetley Pure Green Tea


Tetley’s pure green tea tastes perfect without any flavours; it’s subtle and rejuvenating.

Typhoo Masala Chai Green Tea


Bring some chai into your tea with Typhoo’s blend of the Oriental-originated green tea and the pure desi masala chai. It’s a fusion that surprisingly works well!

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea


Organic India helps farmers sustain organic farms across India, where they produce a range of organic tulsi teas. We also love their tulsi ginger tea if you want to take a break from all the green tea.

Gaia Green Tea and Jasmine


An infusion of jasmine lends a flowery taste to Gaia’s slightly nutty tasting green tea, making a cup of heavenly earthy flavours.