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Houston-Based Café Changes Name To ‘Trump Café’ In Support Of Donald Trump


Call him a fascist, sexist, or even a corncob, there is no denying the fact that Republican Party nominee Donald Trump has been successful to muster a bunch of supporters. This Houston-based diner that has gone the extra mile to show their support stands proof to that.

The Texas restaurant, which was formerly known as Belville Café, has now officially re-christened itself as ‘Trump Café’ in lieu of the upcoming Presidential election nominee’s support. “He loves America and we hope he will be president,” co-owner Su Hawa told the Houston Chronicle. “People like the name, they’re supporting him.”

trump-cafeImage: Facebook | Trump Café


Support & Not

Though the restaurant may be getting a fair share of support following the name change, there are a few people who think otherwise. “I guess no one ever told the owner you don’t mix a service oriented business with religion or politics ’cause you are bound to offend someone”, a Facebook user commented on the café’s page.

“And in a small town like Bellville where this business has not had much success he would want to have as many people eat there as possible. I think he has no idea how many he has offended by naming a restaurant after a psychotic sexual predator”, it read.

While many ‘tch tch-ed’ at the move and have vowed never to eat at ‘Trump Café’ again, there are a few who are ready to try the place just for its name!

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-12-19-37-amImage: Facebook | Trump Café



Also, it’s not just the name that has been revamped; the menu too will see a few tweaks keeping in line with the new tag. The place will now serve “American, Trump-themed” food like a burger topped with cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce and chicken fried steaks. No, the steaks will not be sponsored by Trump’s line of steaks. Or so we believe.

The results of the GOP are yet to be decided but the café doesn’t plan to change its name, irrespective of the result of the elections and The White House’s fate.

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump is wondering whether to appreciate the gesture or sue the owners for using his name.


Source: Eater

Feature Image: Florida Agenda

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