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Beer And Rock Music Meet At the Rocktoberfest At Hard Rock Café


Germany is currently celebrating their Oktoberfest where the beer loving community comes together to enjoy beer, music, great food and the company of friends. While we would love to be a part of their festives, we can’t afford that plane ticket to Germany just yet. 


Instead, we are planning to hit Hard Rock Cafe, which has taken the beer festival and combined it with their never-ending love for rock to make the Rocktoberfest. From September 28th (that’s tomorrow, people) until November 8th, Hard Rock Cafe will be serving a range of international brews along with Asian, Italian, American and German hot dogs.


Along with the beer and food (and beer fuelled games), Hard Rock Cafe will be showcasing live rock bands as well as featuring female rock artists like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston along with classic rock bands like The Beatles and The Doors.

What’re you waiting for? Clear your schedule for tomorrow and make your way to Hard Rock Cafe!