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How To Get Perfectly Boiled Eggs Every Single Time


Boiled egg seems like the most easy thing to do. I mean, who can’t boil an egg, right? Well, if you haven’t tried to boil an egg, you wouldn’t understand exactly how difficult it is. For those of you who have tried before, when you see those grey-green yolk or just can’t get the shell out, don’t you want to pull you hair out? 

Now, we give you the easy method to get a perfectly boiled egg every time. 

Place the eggs in one layer in a large pan 

Now add enough water to cover all the eggs 

Place the pan over a stove on high heat 

Once the water starts boiling, turn it off and cover the pan 

Remove the pan from the stove 

Allow the eggs to sit in the water until they are cooked; about 9 minutes for a medium egg, 12 minutes for a large egg, and 15 minutes for an extra-large egg.

Once the appropriate amount of time is done, remove the eggs from the pan 

Place the eggs in a large bowl of cold water. 

When the eggs reach room temperature, it’s time to peel them

Roll the egg on counter so that the shell is broken.

Peel the egg underwater. The water helps loosen the membrane that makes the shell stick to the white.

And that’s how you get a perfectly boiled egg everytime!