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Walmart Just Released Tropickles aka Tropical-Fruit Punch Flavored Pickles.


We understand fruit punches. We understand pickles. But Walmart just released Tropickles, and we are still not over it. Walmart did a good job of playing around with words, Tropickles, also known as  tropical-fruit-punch-flavored pickles, is nothing but your usual cucumber pickles floating in a fruit punch.

Now for all of us who like our pickles dipped in something other than fruit punches, this may sound as a weird combination, but Walmart is not the first to bring out fruit-punch pickles. People have been making different versions of fruit-punch pickles (like Kool-Aid pickles).But Walmart is the first to officially launch something called Tropickles.

Walmart states that they got the inspiration for this idea through social media. In a statement, Walmart said, “The modern-day couple, the pickle and fruit punch met on social media (they bonded over recipes on Pinterest, to be exact); now, we are celebrating their union on Walmart store shelves. What ever it is, Walmart will never fail to surprise us.

But here’s the thing, it is only available at selected 1,400 stores. But that wouldn’t stop us from hoping to get our hands on it, right ?