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Is Vegan Mayo An Enemy Of The State?


Now that’s a questions none of us had ever imagined could exist! How could Mayo – that too Vegan – be an enemy of the United Sates Of America? Heck, it’s not even a threat to us mere mortals, let alone the States!

But there are certain “mere mortals” are scrambling to come up with an explanation for certain actions. Who? But of course, the American Egg Board who – thanks to a leaked thread of emails – has found itself in an ‘egg’ly situation.

It’s one thing to compete with competitors in the market but completely ambushing the other’s attempts at selling? That’s pure evil. Obviously, the AEB did not think so.Eggs


Relax, It’s Just Mayo!

It all started when Hampton Creek unveiled their line of Vegan/eggless mayonnaise called ‘Just Mayo’. Yep, believe it or not, that is all it took. Vegan Mayo and the folks at AEB started hatching some real evil plots.

“You want me to contact some of my old buddies in Brooklyn to pay Mr. Tetrick a visit?” wrote one board member to another. He was referring to Just Mayo’s founder, who had refused to stop selling his product or to change its name. Worse, Just Mayo was taking the vegan market by storm and had actually prompted the outgoing AEB chair to express her concern about its competitive streak.

This was amongst many other mails exchanged among the members.hamptoncreekproducts-1


The Sunny Side

Amidst all this egging, Jessica, a former teacher and a mother of a 4-year old has stepped up to raise her voise.

She along with many others are calling for a congressional investigation into USDA’s alleged attempts to block progress in sustainable food by illegally targeting Hampton Creek.

Join Jessica and thousands of others to reach a target of 100,000 signatures on the petition.


Immoral Irony

The thing about this egg war is that it’s a sad irony. About 15 million people in the US suffer from food allergies and many more prefer eggless or vegan options by will. Among this as many as 3.5% young children are at risk of anaphylactic shock if they eat eggs.

Yes, as a committee it is their responsibility to make sure that the produce doesn’t go waste and that there is stable revenue. But stooping down to such ridiculous tactics in neither professional nor moral.

Is that something the AEB is ready to put at stake? It’s esteem and the health of millions just to sell eggs?BrokenEgg


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