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ITC’s Sunbean Recreates ‘Phenti Hui Coffee’ With The Launch Of ‘Sunbean Beaten Caffe’


From being the saviour during late night studies to being the catalyst of afternoon sessions with extended family – a perfectly whipped cup of beaten coffee has always held a special place in the heart of a coffee lover. For these coffee lovers in Delhi and Gurgaon, ITC Ltd.’s coffee brand Sunbean has launched a first-of-its-kind, ready-to-use, Phenta Hua coffee paste, Sunbean Beaten Caffe.

To many consumers in the region, their cherished beaten coffee experience starts with the amalgamation of coffee, sugar, milk and water that is beaten to perfection to form a paste that delivers a thick, indulgent and frothy beverage. The indulgent coffee experience it gives has made it the preferred, special hot beverage that suits multiple occasions, be it treating oneself or to serve to guests on special occasions.

Sunbean Beaten Caffe celebrates the beloved beaten coffee culture of the region by helping consumers recreate their favorite experience, without the hassles of the tedious preparation required. The delectable and yet easy to make beverage  looks & tastes very similar to your own beaten coffee paste and provides a rich, creamy & frothy coffee experience

Sunbean Beaten Caffe is available in a 125g jar, priced at ₹130, across select modern trade outlets as well as online marketplaces such as Big Basket, Flipkart and