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It’s All Chicken And No Bun- We Are In Love With Double Down Burger From KFC


Think of KFC Chicken- that crisp, golden delicious chicken! If you are drooling already, we don’t blame you. Now you have more reasons to drool. Well, your trip to the popular chicken restaurant just became even more awesome.  Doubly so.

Double Down is finally here in India! And not for long. Double Down- the burger that is all chicken, no-bun.  You heard us right. Chicken on chicken – with a delicious combination of wood fire and fajita sauces, crunchy veggies and cheese – this is what awesome tastes like! Check out the below video to see how it looks!

Double Down is available only until the end of November. So, make sure that you grab one before they are gone! Priced at INR 165/-, Double Down is available only for the next six weeks, across all KFC restaurants in India. You can also order online at or on a call at 33994444.