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Blake Lively Has The Ultimate Burger Hack You Didn’t Ever Think Of


Looking at Blake Lively, you might not think that she would eat an entire burger or even have an interesting and fun hack for everyone to try out as well.

But when she appeared on The Jess Cagle Interview during promotions for her latest movie “The Shallows”, Lively talked about the ‘ultimate’ way to order a burger at Umami Burger. According to her, she takes the Manly Burger (which has house beer-cheddar cheese, bacon lardons, smoked-salt onion strings, Umami ketchup and mustard spread) and the 4 Chilli Burger (which has four different non-spicy chillis added), then cuts the two burgers in half and puts the two different halves together to make a whole burger out of them. 

“You cut them in half and you create one burger,” Lively said. “And then you give the other half to whoever you’re with. You eat it from the center and get a part of each.”

She also revealed that her friends call her a ‘foodie’  and her last meal would be a Creamy Truffle Pappardelle from Scalinatella.

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