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Kapil Mohan Creator Of The Iconic Old Monk Rum Has Passed Away


Chances are, if you grew up on the Indian subcontinent, an Old Monk and coke was probably one of your first drinks (due to cost constraints, obviously). However, over the years we grew to love the sweet taste and signature smell of Old Monk as it (voluntarily) became one of our favorite drinks.

Unfortunately for us, the man behind all the magic, Brig Kapil Mohan, the creator of the ‘solution for all internal problems’ has passed away on Saturday after a cardiac arrest at the age of 88.

Launched in 1954, Old Monk was for a long time the largest selling dark rum in the world. It was, for many years, the biggest Indian Made Foreign Liquor brand as well. However, of late, the company has been in the news following rumors that it is taking its bestselling beverage off the market amid dropping sales.

Tributes poured in on Social Media following the news of Kapil Mohan’s death, as users shared their Old Monk memories and toasted the man behind Mohan Meakin.

RIP Brigadier Kapil Mohan, your legacy will live on forever in our Old Monk memories.

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