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KFC Is Launching A Cheetos Sandwich This July, And It Looks Epic


KFC has been pulling out the stops lately for some epic mash-ups that will certainly last the test of the time. But, it looks like they’re pushing things to the next level with an epic Cheetos Sandwich that is sure to make all of your munchy cravings come true!

According to PopSugar, the legendary collab, will feature a a crispy breaded chicken filet, a special Cheetos sauce, Mayo, and on top of that, an additional crunchy layer of Cheetos stuck to the bun. It sounds a bit like a heart attack in the making, but, what a way to go!

A few of the lucky ones who have already tried the Cheetos sandwich (we see you Delish) have had some extremely positive reactions (CAPS Lock was used to great effect).

If the KFC X Cheetos collab sounds like it’s definitely up your alley, we’ve got great news, because it will be hitting outlets in the States, nationwide from July 1st! But, you’d better hurry, because this junk food dream team will only be available for 4 weeks, so plan your cheat days wisely!

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