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Indian Restaurant In England Delivers To French Airfield


Akash restaurant just like its name has soared the skies, taking flight from its base in Portsmouth to feed the British expatriates craving Indian food in France. According to a report by the Hindustan Times, the expatriated were not too pleased with what France had to offer.

Indian Food Takes Flight

The food delivery from Portsmouth to Bordeaux was arranged by James Emery, a resident along with the manager of Akash restaurant, Faz Ahmed. The food delivery, says the report, included 89 meals, 70 side dishes, 75 portions of rice, 100 papads and mango chutney. The food was charged at 32 pounds per person and the menu included Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Balti, Bangal Naga Chicken and Paneer Korai.

The food was flown on Saturday in a six-seater Socata TBM700 aircraft and reached the Saucats Airfield in Bordeaux taking flight from the Solent Airport in Lee-On-The-Solent. The food was then re-heated in Bordeaux by James and his friends hailing from both Britain and France who later had a celebration meal in the hangar according to the report by the Hindustan Times.

Emery seemed to be unhappy with the bland Indian food which was being sold in France and expressed her love for curries. He said, “I have been getting withdrawal symptoms. I am a chilli addict and an aviation geek so I thought I would combine my two hobbies to get my favourite meal delivered to me in France”.

On the other hand Faz Ahmed found the delivery of this kind a unique experience. “We have done nothing like this. Our delivery radius is three to four miles and we are doing 500 miles, so it is something to be proud of.”

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