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What Kind Of Kheer Tugs At Your Pudding Strings? #POLL


Kheer is a vital part of the Indian dessert spread. Alternatively known as payesh in Bengal, payas and payasam in South Indian states, the sweet dish is loved and hogged far and wide for its sugary richness and flavours. Usually made with rice and milk, there also a number of other ingredients that go into making the luscious pudding like dry fruits, saffron, cardamom, jaggery, palm sugar, et al.

Fun fact! Did you know that it is not only the Indian folk that like to indulge in a bowlful of kheer? And although it may have originated in the Indian subcontinent, the dish is also very popular in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and even Sri Lanka. Of course, most of these countries have a dish that is similar to the kheer. For example, Pakistan’s popular phirni is also a distant cousin of the kheer.

Like many things in the Indian cuisine, kheer too can be made in a lot ways with a lot of variation. The ingredients for instance. While the rice kheer is most popular, there are also other version like sabudana kheer, suji/rava kheer, carrot kheer, vermicelli (seviyaan) and the likes. Each yummier than the other. Speaking of, which kheer variation is you favourite? Vote and let us know!

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