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Do you know what is in your Kombucha?


Yes, yes, everyone has been going crazy over this Kombucha. And why wouldn’t they right? It’s a fermented tea drink that is vibrant and revitalizing. It tastes great without any additional sugar or added preservatives or any of the stuff that we are not supposed to be having. It’s awesome right?


Except have you ever wondered what is that stuff that floats in a bottle of Kombucha? I mean we knew it is a fermented drink and that’s the stuff that ferments. But what is it really? We found out recently and we are not sure whether we really wanted to know. It’s called ‘SCOBY’ which actually stands for ‘Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast’ and this is what it looks like.


Yes, we were grossed out too for a minute. We are going to let this sink in for a bit.

Now once that part is over, we start thinking about all the great things Kombucha is known for. And we get over the slimy gooey SCOBY. Just a little bit.