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Make Way for These Vegan Dim Sum Buns


Don’t we all just love biting into those delicious, steamed, stuffed dumplings? They’re so soft and flavourful and most of all they’re easy-to-eat finger food! They’ve somehow always reminded me of the steamed Modaks you get to eat during the Ganesh Festival in Maharashtra. Except that the modaks are sweet and dim sums are savoury. Now, not everyone has a sweet tooth. Sometimes the savoury foods steal the show, deal with it. These Dim Sum Buns (not just dim sums, they’re dim sum buns), are healthy, nutritious and mouth-watering little buns waiting for you to just bite into. You won’t believe how easy they are to make. You’ll be making these for your kid’s parties or weekend gatherings where everyone can go Om Nom Dim Sum.