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What Makes A Great Burger?


There have been many a great burger over the years, created by famous and unknown chefs, brought to you at popular cafes and restaurants or at food festivals and parties. Great burgers are great simply because of the ingredients added between the bun.

So we made a video to show you what ingredients go into a really great burger.


The key ingredients:

  • Burger bun, soft and fluffy, but not too large and difficult to eat
  • Fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced
  • A couple of leaves of lettuce
  • The meat patty! Most often, burgers are made with beef patties, but depending on your preference, you can change the patty to chicken or lamb or even vegetarian.
  • Slice of cheese, or two, so that it melts and makes your burger cheesy and delicious
  • Onions! Preferably caramelized, but we’ll settle for regular onions.
  • And bacon! One strip will not do, so load it up!