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We May Like Free Pizza More Than People


We’ve all seen the endless flow of memes claiming that pizza is our one true love and nodded our consent with a like. So relatable right? Well, it turns out that it may be a bit more accurate than we thought as a recent study has shown that free pizza comes higher than a friend on our list of priorities.

That’s right folks, the brilliant minds at MIT have ascertained that 98% of students are willing to spill a friend’s personal details in exchange for free pizza. Basically, we don’t care if we just sold our friend out to a creepy guy, free pizza right?

Nearly three-quarters of people (74%) in the U.S. believe it’s ‘very important’ to be in control of who can get information about them and 60% say they would never feel comfortable sharing their email contacts, but when offered free pizza in exchange for friends’ email addresses, 98% of students would be more than happy to give them up.

“Whereas people say they care about privacy, they are willing to relinquish private data quite easily when incentivised to do so,” the study’s authors write.

The study used a sample of over 3,000 students who were all asked to turn over their mates’ email addresses. Half of the sample were offered with pizza; the other half weren’t.

What the researchers found was that 98% of students in the bribed group were willing to hand over the information without even batting an eyelid, proving the power of the pizza. Want to take over the world – bribe people with free pizza!

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