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Mint Flavoured Oreo Candy Bars Now Exist & Life Is Good!


Oreo has seriously been stepping up its game in the last couple of months. From their amazing contest to their latest tie-up with Cadbury, this cookie means business! And their latest product proves that! Oreo has teamed up with Milka to bring you mint-flavoured Oreo candy bars and your life will never be the same again!

According to PopSugar, the milk chocolate bar comes in two sizes:  regular size ($1) and king size ($2). Hidden carefully underneath the chocolate is an Oreo mint-creme filling which is made from hazelnuts. Oreo has also swapped out the standard American chocolate bar shape for the European pillow-shaped chocolate (think, the silk bars here in India).

Check out this review from junkbanter and try and tell us that you wouldn’t want to try the new candy bar!

P.S. Please Oreo, if you can hear us here in India, we’d like to try the new chocolate too!

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