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Mumbai Metro Commuters Can’t Eat During Their Journey


While eating breakfast to evening snacks in a Mumbai local train is a normal scene, Mumbai Metro however is curbing the practice reports Mumbai Mirror. The commuters cannot eat or drink during their travel in the metro trains except drinking water said the officials. The company, Mumbai Metro One has already made announcements and made it known to the commuters that fines will be levied to those caught munching in the train.

No Munching In Mumbai Metro

“Eating and drinking in Metro trains is a punishable offence under The Metro Act, as it causes nuisance to fellow commuters,” said an official while speaking to Mumbai Mirror. “Consumption of eatables and beverages in metro trains is strictly prohibited. While there are food counters at concourse level for commuters, they are advised to finish their food at the respective counters before boarding the train.”

He also said that, “An awareness campaign will be conducted through at stations and on LCD screens in the train to deter commuters from consuming food and beverages while travelling. Since inception, Mumbai Metro One commuters have been extremely disciplined and supportive. The objective behind this campaign is to seek cooperation and compliance from those who violate the rules.”

The publication also spoke to the Mumbai Metro One spokesperson who said that,“We believe in imbibing cleanliness as a habit among our employees and commuters. Our commuters play a big role in keeping the Metro. We urge our commuters to cooperate and maintain a high standards of cleanliness at Mumbai Metro One. Vigilant commuters act as messengers for cleanliness. Many commuters alert fellow commuters who are eating in train.”

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