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No bake mango cheesecake – A video recipe by the One Pot Chef


It’s summer. Well it’s almost summer! The mangoes are going to be pouring in at the markets and homes pretty soon. And mangoes can go bad quickly if not eaten soon enough, well either that or you don’t get to have a mango cheesecake. No such thing as over prepared with desserts and it definitely never hurts to know how to make a No bake cheesecake. Because, you know, “If it’s cake you’re gonna make it’s gotta be cheesecake!” The One Pot Chef is one of our favourites because his videos are short, simple and well, an Aussie accent is just so much fun to hear! The best part about this video is that it’s short and quick and it doesn’t dull you out of making the cheesecake. Once again the video is quick, but you still have to wait 6 hours for the cake to set if you plan to make it.