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We do a nutrition based comparison of skim milk and whole milk for you.


1. A glass of whole milk adds 150 calories to your diet, while skim milk falls behind with only 90 calories. If your waistline is bigger than the gap of our doorway, then you ought to give serious consideration to avoiding those extra 60 calories.

dog and door

2. The percentage of fat content in whole milk amounts to 3.25, or 8 g when calculated by weight. Skim milk on the other hand has ALL of its fat removed. Consuming zero grams of fat? I feel skinnier already.

zero grams of fat

3. When the fat is removed for skim milk, all the fat soluble vitamins faithfully follow it out of your diet. But not to worry, vitamin A and D are specifically added back to skim milk. That is great if it were not for the fact that they’ve completely forgotten to add the other 11 vitamins. Other than that, it’s absolutely great.

nutritional value of skim milk vs whole milk

4. 2-3 glasses of milk per day lowers the likelihood of a heart attack and a stroke, and that applies equally for both skim and whole milk.
There’s not even a marginal difference?

nutritional value of skim milk vs whole milk

5. Skim milk has 5mg of cholesterol, whereas whole milk has 35mg of cholesterol present. Yet, the cholesterol in whole milk helps to raise the good cholesterol and is therefore beneficial for the body. This must be that one time in history when cholesterol gets a good review.

good cholesterol

6. Whole milk has essential proteins that help in muscle protein synthesis and thus, increases muscle building. This is lacking in skim milk despite having the same 8 gm weight of proteins. That’s right. Your gym coach was right all along.


7. Scientific studies show that people who favour skim milk have a higher chance of getting obese within the next 12 years. People who drink whole milk are better at maintaining their pounds. Here’s a tip to maintain your figure in the future –

fat and thin girl

8. You need calories to work, and once you’re short of energy you tend to eat more than necessary to fill the deficit. Unlike whole milk, drinking your daily fill of skim milk does little to ward off your growing hunger.

guy eating